Centrally located at Europe’s hub:
Safety & Emergency Training Sessions
in Frankfurt

Direct routes, modern equipment, and a number of training tools for emergency exercises and safety training sessions are what distinguish our location at the Frankfurt hub. Here is where your cockpit and cabin crew will be prepared to act in a targeted and appropriate manner in the event of extreme situations.

Training tools at our Frankfurt location

A310/A306 Mock-up
A320 Family CEET (Virtual Slide)
A330/A340-300 CEET (with Motion)
A380-800 CEET (Virtual Slide)
737-300 CEET (with Motion)
747-400 CEET (with Motion)
A310 Door Trainer
A330 Door Trainer
A340-600 Overwing Exit Door Trainer
737 Overwing Exit Door Trainer
747-200 Upper Deck Door Trainer
747-400 Main Deck Door Trainer (Virtual Slide)
747-400 Upper Deck Door Trainer
777 Door Trainer
MD11 Door Trainer
Overwing Exit Door Trainer
A320 Slide Tower
A300 Slide Raft
A320 Slide Raft
A340 Slide Raft
737 Slide Raft
747 Slide Raft
A320 Pilot Incapacitation Trainer
A340 Pilot Incapacitation Trainer
737 Pilot Incapacitation Trainer
747 Pilot Incapacitation Trainer
Hands-on Room
Life Raft
Water Emergency Practice Basin
Real Fire-Fighting Trainer

Our Frankfurt training location

Airportring, Tor 24, Building 391
60549 Frankfurt/Main, Germany