Everything under control:
Dangerous-Goods Training

Dangerous-goods training prepares active and prospective flight staff in how to handle dangerous goods properly through theoretical training modules, case simulations, and practical group exercises in the classroom.

Many everyday objects can become a danger on board. If taking dangerous goods is not expressly prohibited, their transportation is subject to special regulations. This training teaches your staff about potentially dangerous goods and provides them with instruction on how to interact with passengers who are traveling with goods classified as dangerous.

The training is conducted for personnel of the categories 10 (cockpit only) and 11 (cabin) in accordance with the regulations of ICAO and IATA, as well as the content of JAR-OPS. Seminars for ground personnel (category 10) must be requested seperately. Topics such as marking and labeling of dangerous goods, storage and loading procedures, regulations for passengers, and procedures in the event of an emergency are covered in detail here.