Master critical situations with confidence:
our Emergency Exercises and Safety Training Sessions

What do you do if a fire breaks out? How do you calm down an aggressive passenger? Which first-aid measures are required for a passenger in respiratory distress? CrewAcademy provides your cockpit and cabin crew with intuitive confidence in their actions and the certainty to control every dangerous situation on board thanks to emergency exercises and safety training sessions.

We customize the sequence of the training sessions according to your needs.

In this training session, participants are instructed in the basics of safety in accordance with EASA regulations. Training for your crew begins with a theoretical introduction, followed by real fire-fighting training, pilot incapacitation training, slide/raft instruction, hands-on training, and a “wet” distress-at-sea exercise. Practical door and procedure training sessions, as well as cabin fire procedures, will subsequently be conducted on the Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET).


Regular refresher courses for safety-related content and procedures are crucial for flight staff. The recurrent emergency training offers this refresher and is designed according to the regulations of the EASA. It starts with a short theoretical segment regarding procedures and escape routes, as well as an incident and accident review. This is directly followed by real fire-fighting training, pilot incapacitation training, hands-on training, and the practical implementation of door and procedural instructions on a Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET).