Sensitive to potential dangers:
Security Training

Political developments throughout the world lead to a need for stricter safety regulations in aviation. For cockpit and cabin crews, this is an additional task that challenges them and that they need to be fully prepared for.

The increase and maintenance of flight security and on-board safety are priorities of security training. In this training, safety-related information is provided that prepares crews for possible risks and identifies appropriate measures for preventing them. In addition to analyzing examples of recent cases, it covers the laws currently in place regarding all topics relevant to aviation safety. Communication on board, conflict management, and properly dealing with aggressive behavior are also covered in this safety training session.

According to chapter 11 of EU regulation 2015/1998, personnel requiring unescorted access to security resricted areas and implementing aircraft protection shall have completed additional trainings in a five-year cycle. These training modules do not replace the initial/recurrent security training according to EASA-OPS EU regulation 965/2012.